"Cheyenne Drums"

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  • Cheyenne Drums

    This Native American is an older Northern Cheyenne, and is perhaps involved in a "Ghost Dance Ritual". The Northern Plains tribes were given the Ghost Dance by Wovoka, a Piute medicine man from northern Nevada in the late 1800's. He preached that the five-day dance would secure the happiness of the performers and hasten the reunion of the living and the dead. The ritual quickly spread throughout the tribes of the West, and many combined it with their own tribal religous rituals. An elaboration of the Ghost Dance concept was the development of "Ghost Shirts", which were special garments which warriors could wear. The shirts were rumored to repel bullets through spiritual power. The war shirt that the Drummer is wearing may be one of these.

    This original acrylic painting is one of an ongoing series of Native American personalities. This series will all be done on 18 X 24 inch canvas as mono-colors in raw umber. Currently all are available and are all for sale.