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The Healing Ceremony

A False Face Society was developed around this tradition, and any person that had been healed by the Society could become a member. If a person was led to join, he would go out into the forest, select a living tree (usually a Basswood/Linden tree) meditate before it until the inspiration for the mask came to him, and then begin to carve it. It was important that the carving was done directly onto a living tree. When the mask was complete, the carver would then cut the mask from the tree, feed it with tobacco, and then paint it red if it had been completed in the morning, or black if in the afternoon. The long hair was horse manes or tails. The eyes were made of silver, which supposedly was obtained from a secret silver mine that only the Indians knew of. The size of the original is painted on a 24 X 30 stretched canvas and is gallery wrapped. The piece is not framed.

The original "Healing Ceremony" is for sale.