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  • Marblehead Light, Ohio "Monocolor"

    Marblehead Light sits on Lake Erie in Ohio. It is one of the more picturesque lighthouses on the Great Lakes. In the Fall of 2003, a group of artists and photographers spent the day at this lighthouse. This is my interpretation of the light.

    This watercolor original was created as a demonstration painting in January 2004 for a class that I was teaching at the time.

    These archival prints of "Marblehead Light" are reproduced in three sizes, and are all shipped flat to avoid curling.

    8 X 10 inch Reproduction--$30.00
    Price Includes Shipping

    11 X 14 inch Reproduction--$45.00
    Price Includes Shipping

    16 X 20 inch Reproduction--$75.00
    Price Includes Shipping