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  • I Think Mama's Upset

    "I Think Mama's Upset" is the second polymer sculpture that I have completed. The original sculpture was intended to be a single bear, standing alone, and obviously angry. Everything worked out but after the piece was fired, it began to lean forward. I did a study on the piece and discovered that a glue joint on the PVC pipe armature had failed. The sculpture had stabilized and was no longer moving forward, but the bear "Looked" out of balance. So I decided to add the two cubs. The overall composition of the piece improved dramatically. The piece is a one-of-a-kind original, and cannot be reproduced without destroying the orIginal.

    "I Think Mama's Upset", is a sculpture created in polymer clay, and is approximately 24 inches tall. The overall weight is about 18 pounds,

    "I Think Mama's Upset" has been SOLD.

    The piece will still be in the Stonewall Gallery until early next year if you want to view it.