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  • Sitting Bull, circa 1885

    Sitting Bull was born around 1831 near the Grand River in South Dakota. His first encounter with American soldiers occured in June of 1863, when the Army mounted a campaign in retaliation for the Santee Rebellion. A year later his tribe met the US Troops at the "Battle of Killdeer Mountain". The Army left the Sioux badly beaten, mainly because of the use of artillary.

    Sitting Bull became a Hunkpapa Lakota Chief shortly after Killdeer Mountain. When gold was discovered in 1876 in the Black Hills, the Army tried to drive the Sioux from their ancestral home. Sitting Bull, and other chiefs took up arms against the whites and refused to be transported to a reservation in "Indian Territory".

    On June 25, 1876, General Custer and the 7th Calvary attacked Sitting Bull's camp on the Little Bighorn River. Sitting Bull's 3000 warriors quickly overwhwhelmed and destroyed Custer's force.

    This original acrylic painting is one of an ongoing series of Native American personalities. This series will all be done on 18 X 24 inch canvas as mono-colors in raw umber. Currently all are available and are all for sale.

    The original "Sitting Bull" is for sale. $550