"Two Moons" Ishaynishus

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  • Two Moons

    Two Moons was a Northern Cheyenne Chief that participated in many battles against the white man. He was at the Rosebud against Crook, the Little Bighorn against Custer, Powder River when Reynolds attacked a village, and at the Battle of Wolf Mountain.

    He was a member of the Fox Warrior Society of the Northern Cheyenne, and surrendered to Miles in 1877, shortly after the Battle of Wolf Mountain.

    When Dull Knife and Crazy Horse went off the Southern Cheyenne Reservation, Two Moons negotiated a treaty that restored the peace.

    This original acrylic painting is one of an ongoing series of Native American personalities. This series will all be done on 18 X 24 inch canvas as mono-colors in raw umber. Currently all are available and are all for sale.

    The original "Two Moons" is for sale.